The Jack O Clubs offers a variety of products and services. We have the only gas in wells and are proud to be the only Canada Post outlet in town. Our general store has all the essentials and is growing everyday. The Jack is known for it's great food and ambience and is proud to carry Barkerville Brewings finest products on tap. We are the rural agency liquor store and carry warm and cold beer as well as a variety of wines and spirits. We offer basic mechanical services and tire repair. The Jack O Clubs is your local one stop shop and we pride ourselves on personal customer service and are excited to see you all very soon!!!


The Jack O Clubs gas station is open 7 days a week from 8 am to 9 pm during the summer. We carry regular, premium, diesel and marked premium gasoline. We are the only gas in town so stop in and fuel up on your way to bowron or on your way out of town.


Canada Post is set up right in our general store and services the mail needs of Wells and area Monday to Friday from 11am to 4pm. We also have a drop box outside the front doors for after hours mail drop off.


The Jack O Clubs is wells own rural agency liquor store and is expanding products every week.We carry a selection of warm and cold beer, coolers, ciders , wine and spirits.

General Store & Grocery

We provide these great services:
General store, convenience and grocery items, liquor store, Gas station, post office, restaurant/pub, basic mechanical services, cafe, and a place for coffee and great conversation!!
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